Mamma Melina – Our Favorite Neighborhood Italian Joint

We’re long overdue with an article about our favorite place in the neighborhood to enjoy high quality Italian food…which also happens to be in our building.

Mamma Melina features first-generation Italian family recipes, fantastic service and an extensive wine list. The original Mamma Melina opened in 1990 a few miles away, after Melina Varchetta moved to Seattle with her husband Pasquale from Pozzuoli (a little town Northwest of Napoli) to rejoin their sons Leo, Roberto, and Salvio.



In 1996, the restaurant was passed on to Roberto, but the emphasis remained the same: simple, homemade Italian food and enjoyable dining.

“When you walk in the door, what we offer is an experience,” Roberto says. “We value our customers and therefore aim to provide the best service and quality possible.”

Roberto moved the restaurant into their beautiful new location in The Corydon property in 2010. If you haven’t made your way downstairs to try it yet, you are really missing out. It’s rare to find such a unique spot where Italian tradition and innovative design merge in modern comfort.

Via Urbanspoon

Via Urbanspoon

The menu features more than more than typical spaghetti and pizza. It’s filled with an extensive selection of seasonal antipasti’s, house made pastas, grilled meat and seafood, wood fired Neapolitan pizzas, 200 notable wine labels, specialty cocktails and a broad selection of Italian grappas.

Trust us when we say a night you will enjoy your evening at Mamma Melina. Let us know if you have a favorite dish.

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