Asian Food in the U-District

Seattle is no stranger to great Asian food. From Pho to Hot Pot to Sushi, if you desire it, you can probably devour it. But recently, U-Village became the home to one of the world’s most prestigious places to eat Dim Sum. It seemed like a great chance to tell you about some of your localicious Asian food options.

Din Tai Fung

Let’s start with the crown jewel. Din Tai Fung is an award-winning restaurant that started serving soup dumplings in Taiwan in 1958. Over the years, it became a staple of both locals and international travelers, and slowly expanded to Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. It opened a branch in Bellevue a few years ago that became the hit of the eastside food scene. Now we have our own in Seattle, in the new annex of U-Village.

Officially the hours are Mon-Fri: 11am – 10pm, and Sat & Sun: 10am – 10pm. But you will be standing around if you try to get there during lunch or prime time dinner hours. The food is worth the wait, but you might think about planning your lunch or dinner around the times when everyone else is showing up. Trust us, you will want to take your time and enjoy all the delectable options you have.

Din Tai Fung

Blue C Sushi

There are some people who will say that Blue C Sushi is merely a chain and you should spend more time frequenting the local mom and pop shops. But those people are missing the point. The founders of Blue C Sushi went to Japan several years ago and noticed the trend of “kaiten-zushi” or conveyor belt sushi, which they termed, “Mawaru Gochisou” or “Goodness Going Around.” Their first Seattle restaurant in Fremont was so successful, it was turning a monthly profit in the first week of each month. Not one to rest on their laurels, the owners expanded and the concept is now so popular in Seattle, there are six Blue C locations, along with several copycats. The location in the U-Village is definitely worth trying if you enjoy tasting many types of sushi in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.


Boom Noodle

The owners of Blue C Sushi were not content to stop at helping to redefine how Seattleites enjoy sushi. Their next foray was to help us expand our enjoyment of fresh Japanese noodles. Boom Noodle provides the opportunity to taste hot and cold soba, ramen, somen and udon, try tons of dipping broths, and even experience noodles of the pan-fried variety. After a successful launch on Capitol Hill, the crew brought their expertise to U-Village.

BoomNoodle 2

Krua Thai in Ravenna

But the U-District is not solely about chains these days. There are still spots where the family-owned restaurant fan will want to frequent. One such place is Krua Thai at 2515 NE 55th St, which is less than a 5 minute walk from The Corydon. Open for lunch and dinner, for dine-in, takeout and delivery, the menu features every permutation of Thai food you could ask for. And everything on the menu is less than $10.


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