It’s Time for Mother’s Day at University Village!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and we hope you already got your mom something nice. And for those of you still shopping around, we have a suggestion- instead of just one present, why don’t you give your mom a whole day of fun? She’s put up with you for this long, the least you can do is take her out for a day of leisure!

You don’t even have to go very far- everything you need for a fun day of celebrating moms can be found right around the corner at University Village. Here’s our suggestions for stuff to do:

Tea Time! – Impress your mom with your level of class and sophistication by taking her out for a mid-morning/pre-afternoon cup of tea! It will not only make you both feel very classy, it’ll give you the caffeine boost you need to get artistically inspired.

Why do you need inspiration, you ask? Because:

Art Time! – Nothing says parental bonding like DIY ceramics. Head over to Paint the Town, and spend a couple hours painting and designing some ceramics. Not only do you get to spend some quality time with one another, you’ll have a physical present to give her afterwards that’ll make up for all the really bad clay bowls you gave her when you were 7.


Hopefully your art prowess has helped you work up an appetite, because:

Dumpling Time! – Moms love dumplings, and if yours doesn’t now, she will once you get done feasting at Din Thai Fung. There are only five of these restaurants in the US, and luckily one of them is right around the corner. The wait can get a little long, but luckily there’s an entire mall surrounding the place. Shop around while you prepare yourselves for a dumpling onslaught the likes of which you’ve never seen.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 10.50.45 AM.png

Regardless of what you end up doing this year, Happy Mother’s Day! We hope you have a great one, let us know how it goes!

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