Discounts In Seattle – 3 Ways To Save

From an abundance of hair salons to a large variety of restaurants – Seattle has everything you will ever need. For those seeking a new adventure, or even a unique meal, there are many ways to explore what Seattle has to offer.

One of the best ways to explore Seattle is at a discount! Over the past few years, many Internet companies have emerged offering you the best products and services for a fraction of the price.


Groupon is a daily deal site that offers discounts for a variety of things around Seattle and across the country. Sign up for Groupon to get a new deal delivered daily to your inbox. Living Social – Living Social is a daily deals site that is similar to Groupon, but is catered to finding you the best experiences possible. Whether you are looking for a new yoga class, or a chance to go bungee jumping – you’ll find it with Living Social. Foursquare – Not only does social media help us find our friends, but it also offers us a series of discounts at establishments all over Seattle. Foursquare allows its users to “check in” at various locations around the city to see what places and friends are nearby. What’s better than finding friends nearby? Finding friends and a coupon for 50% off your meal!

Bloomspot – Bloomspot is another site that offers daily deals at a variety of businesses. How does Bloomspot differentiate from Groupon? Bloomspot brings you the best luxury and high end products and services in your area.

Have you ever used any of these daily deal sites for a night out or afternoon in Seattle?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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    – Thank you, I will and I’ll have to check out a lot more of Cory’s stuff, he seems to talk a lot of sense. Plus he’s a Linux user I believe so he’s alright in my book hehe

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    Your answer lifts the incneliglete of the debate.

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